Custom buildpack

When it's time to build your code, herokuish is used to find to try and detect the correct buildpack and build your code with it. That makes Backery compatible with all of Heroku's buildpacks.

If the buildpack detection fails ("Unable to select a buildpack") or you would like to use another buildpack, set the BUILDPACK_URL ENV variable to a buildpack GitHub's link (in the dashboard of your app).


The Procfile file at the root of your project directory allows to customize the command that will be used to start your app.


web: node index.js

Procfiles can contain additional process types. For example, you might declare one for a background worker process that processes items off of a queue.

Cloudflare CDN

You can choose to enable the Cloudflare option so your app traffic goes through their network.

It provides a faster delivery and caching of your static assets and Denial-of-Service attack protection.

Due to the aggresive caching, your static files might not reflect changes right after you deploy a new version. You should disable this option while developing to make sure you can see your changes.