Linking a domain

To link a domain to your Backery application, you first need to point the DNS to the application URL.

Add a custom root domain

You will need to add your domain/subdomain to your app before it can be used for it.

Simply head to your app dashboard, "domains" tab and add your domain there.

Configuring DNS for root domains

Configuring your domain/DNS provider for a root domain is similar to configuring for a subdomain. However, whereas with subdomains the type of record to configure is always a CNAME, with root domains the type of record depends on the DNS provider:

Some providers will only offer A records for root domains.

Unfortunately, A records will not suffice for pointing root domains to Backery because they require a static IP. Since Backery uses dynamic IP addresses, it’s necessary to use a CNAME-like record (often referred to as ALIAS or ANAME records) so that you can point your root domain to another domain. See examples below.

Whichever provider you use, point the ALIAS/ANAME/CNAME entry for your root domain to the DNS Target, just as you would with a CNAME record:

Depending on the DNS/domain name provider, an empty or @ Name value identifies the root domain.

Record | Name | Target ALIAS or ANAME | or @ |