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Custom domain

Add as many custom domains as you need to your app. Or keep the subdomain.

Automatic HTTPS

All your apps automatically will be secured and redirected to HTTPS by default.

Database with backups

Add a free database of your choice whatever the plan of your app, with regular backups and easy rollback.

0-downtime deployments

When you deploy a new version, we wait for it to be fully ready before making the switch.

Easy rollback

Pushed a bug to production? Quickly rollback to a previous version from your dashboard.

CDN + DDoS protection

Enable the option to use the Cloudflare network for a fast delivery of assets and an attack protection.

1-click database deployment

Includes automatic scheduled backups, because mistakes happen.

Scalable Pricing

Pay only for the time used, prorated to the day. You are billed monthly. Scale your app when traffic increase.

In case you run into any problem, we have a 15-day money back guarantee. Just ask us!

Hobby Pro Perf Boost
$9 / app / month $30 / app / month $99 / app / month $199 / app / month
2 GB - 1 vCPU 8 GB - 2 vCPUs 32 GB - 8 vCPUs 32 GB - 8 CPUs
SSD storage
database + project
20GB 80GB 240GB 240GB
Database backups Weekly Daily Hourly Hourly
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“ Backery is the best solution out there for makers who just want to ship code without worrying about DevOps. It's your one stop shop for infrastructure and scales affordably as you grow. ”

- Sergio Mattei (MakerLog)

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Is my source code safe with Backery?

Your account password is hashed and salted using bcrypt for optimal security. Your apps source code is encrypted on our server. We don't use your data for anything else than the service and you can request anytime that your data be deleted.

How does this compare to Heroku?

We are cheaper and simpler. We provide free HTTPS and a free database with backups for each of your apps. Newcomers to the hosting market, we aren't backed by a multi-billion dollar company but by a small bootstrapped studio.

How can I add a CNAME record on my root domain?

You can use Cloudflare which supports CNAME records on root domains. More details here.

Can I host static applications?

Yes, although it won't be your best option. We recommend the awesome people at Netlify, they're doing an excellent job at static hosting. Still, if you want to host a static app, just create a .static file in the folder of your app.

Where is my app hosted?

Your app is hosted on its own virtual machine in Europe, on the Online network. Contact us if you need to host your app elsewhere.

Where is the database hosted?

To ensure low latency, databases will be hosted on the same machines as your applications. This also ensures your database is protected from the internet. You can access a database in your app via the URI environment variable.

If I want to try the service, will I get billed a full month of usage?

No, you will be only billed per day of usage. Example: if you create an app and delete it the next day (on the Basic plan) you will be billed 10¢. If you aren't happy, just ask us and we will refund your charges up to 15 days.

Am I charged when I enter my credit card?

No. When you input your card number, we perform a small authorization charge to ensure the card is valid. This is just a preauthorization: nothing is charged.

When do you charge my credit card?

As a generale rule, we charge your credit card after you've completed your first month of usage. However, we might charge it sooner if we detect a high usage to reduce fraud risk.